8 garden maintenance tips for your home

8 garden maintenance tips for your home

Everybody wants a healthy, well-maintained garden. However, this is not so simple. Maintaining a garden means year-long dedication and effort throughout. Most people do not have the time or energy, or simply aren’t motivated enough to maintain their gardens.

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However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  My profession proves to me day-in day-out that effective management of green waste can make a difference – especially if you have arranged garden bins in Brisbane to be delivered.

So continue reading this article as I share my garden maintenance tips with you. By following these tips, you too can ensure that your garden is maintained all year round.

1. Control weed growth

Weeds are a problem in every garden. They also harbour many insects and may lead to diseases. I always try and keep my garden free from weeds. The easiest way to keep weeds at bay is by controlling them at the start of the growing season.

By hiring garden bins in Brisbane, you can remove your weeds and place them in the garden bag. This way, our rubbish removal experts will dispose the weed for you.

2. Remove dead vegetation

While dead vegetation turns into compost over time, it is also a haven for insects and pests. Therefore, I recommend that you remove dead leaves, plant stalks and weeds to keep your garden healthy.

Thankfully, our Brisbane garden bin service offer a simple and effective way to get rid of all dead vegetation.

3. Keep tools disinfected

To be honest, I was not aware that I should be keeping my garden tools disinfected until a friend suggested I do so. Dirty and infected tools are a sure shot way for diseases to reach your garden. If your tools come into contact with a plant that has a disease, it can be even more of a problem.

The best way to avoid this is by disinfecting your tools on a regular basis.

4. Keep your garden cool

The summer is not only harsh on humans, but it can be harsh on plants as well. To keep the plants in your garden safe, provide them with some shade. This will prevent them from wilting. Personally, I make use of cheesecloth as a simple shade cover for my plants.

5. Mulching

Mulch can be very beneficial to a garden. A layer of mulch will deprive weeds and seeds from getting light, preventing their growth. Mulch also helps the soil retain its moisture. Make sure to mulch at least twice a year – before spring and before fall.

6. Provide support to your plants

I’m a big fan of providing support to my garden plants. It increases my garden space, improves air circulation and offers plants more light. This also makes it easier for me to harvest and prune my plants. Use frames, stakes, tepees and trellises to provide support to young plants.

7. Harvest

I harvest my vegetables as soon as they ripe and then I swiftly remove the harvested plants. This really helps me to keep my garden looking spic and span. I usually rework harvested plants back into the soil or add them to compost, if they are disease-free.

If I find that the plants cannot be regrown, I get rid of them in my garden bins.

8. Start early

One of the keys to having a well-maintained garden is to cultivate early. As soon as I have harvested my and cleared out debris, I make preparations for the next batch of cultivation. Before you do this, keep your soil bare for a few days as this improves water flow and porosity.


Maintaining a garden in Brisbane, or anywhere for that matter, may seem like a daunting task, but it need not be that way. You can simply follow some best practices to keep your garden healthy and well maintained. Control your weed growth, get rid of dead vegetation, keep your garden tools disinfected and keep your garden cool. Add mulch to your soil, provide support to your plants, harvest and start preparing early. By following these simple tips, you too can boast of having a great garden.

Our garden bins in Brisbane will certainly assist in helping you remove your green waste effectively and effortlessly. To hire garden bins in Brisbane, simply get in touch with us at 4 Waste Removals. We’ll send a garden bin to your location on the date you request for it. Once you fill it up, our experts will dispose the waste for you.

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