Tips for your spring garden clean up

Tips for your spring garden clean up

With spring halfway in, many Brisbane residents are looking to clean up their garden. Spring is the perfect season for a garden clean up – it will give you a chance to prune your plants and prepare them for the hot summers ahead.

But, before you jump into cleaning your garden, know that you’ll be generating a lot of garden waste during the process. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to contact a rubbish removal company in Brisbane, such as 4 Waste Removals, to handle garden waste removal for you.

As far as the cleaning process go, it is fairly straightforward. Nevertheless, as someone who offers garden waste removal services in Brisbane, I will share some tips to help you with your garden clean up. So, make sure to read right through till the end!

1. Cut back and prune away

Through autumn and winter, trees, shrubs, lawns and flowering plants tend to overgrow and adopt a messy look. This is where you need to start with your garden clean up. Gather a rake, pruner sheers and a wheelbarrow or garden bin to start your spring garden clean up.

First, prune away all damaged and dead branches and trim evergreen branches from your trees and shrubs. Next, move on to your lawns and perennials and cut and prune them away. If you have flowering plants that bloom in spring, wait for the plants to flower before pruning them.

While pruning your plants will make them look neater, it also encourages them to grow in a direction you want. Before you start trimming your plants, consider which direction you want them to grow and then prune away as much as you need.

2. Clean up and prepare your flower beds

Your flower beds will probably have accumulated a lot of dead leaves, twigs and foliage over fall and winter. You’ll need to clean up and prepare your flower beds to make them appear neater and to allow them to grow better.

Use a rake to gather all dead foliage from your flower beds and pull out all weeds. This is also the right time to push back your plants into the flower beds and add fertilizer to the soil. By doing so, not only will you give your flower beds a neat appearance, but you’ll also prepare them for the next season’s growth.

3. Dispose your garden waste

By now, you’ll have collected a lot of garden waste that you’ll need to get rid of. There are three ways you can do this – by composting your waste, by disposing waste yourself or by calling professionals. Composting is a fairly difficult (and messy) process and unless you’ve done it before, I’ll advise you against it. If you choose to dispose garden waste by yourself, you’ll need to arrange for transportation and drive your waste to the nearest tip. This process can be time consuming and somewhat expensive. On the other hand, by calling in professionals such as 4 Waste Removals for garden waste removal, you’ll make things much easier for yourself.

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Before you hire a garden skip or garden bag, make sure to go through this checklist offered by Better Homes & Gardens.


You can make your spring garden clean up easy and straightforward by following a few tips. Start by cutting back and pruning away your trees, shrubs, flowering plants and lawns. Follow this by cleaning up and preparing your flower beds. Finally, hire the services of professional rubbish removers for garden waste disposal. These simple tips will certainly make your garden clean up much quicker and easier.

And, for reliable and affordable garden waste removal in Brisbane, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals.


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