5 materials that you should be recycling

5 materials that you should be recycling

If you have been dumping all your waste into the rubbish bin then I urge you to stop and consider the environment. You may not be aware of it, but you can reduce the amount of waste by as much as 50% simply by recycling your recyclable items.

recycling waste

As the owner of a rubbish removal company, I know all too well how much of an impact a small change like putting your empty milk carton into your recycling bin can make on the environment.

To do your bit for the environment you can start by simply recycling the following five materials.

1. Glass

Glass items should always be recycled because glass is 100% recyclable.

Discarded glass items can be used by glass manufacturers to create new products, while glass bottles and containers can simply be refilled and reused. Check the labels on bottles to find out whether you should recycle or simply refill them.

Also, make sure to rinse and remove lids and all contaminants from your glass bottles and containers before recycling them. If you have large amount of glass to recycle then its best that you contact rubbish removal experts such as 4 Waste Removals. We’ll take away all your glass to the nearest recycling depot for proper disposal.

2. Plastic

Plastic items are found in every household and there are many different types. Some examples that you’ll find in your home include HDPE, PET, UPVC and PPVC, LPDE, PS and EPS, PP and other multi materials and resins. While most of these plastics can be recycled, PET and HDPE are the most common plastic to be recycled.

Before you recycle plastic items, first check to see if you can reuse them. Bags and containers for instance can and should be reused. Next, rinse and clean the items that you wish to recycle. If you are unsure what plastics you can recycle or have lager qualities of plastic to recycle it is best to contact a professional rubbish removal company such as 4 Waste Removals.

3. Aluminium

Aluminium is one item that can be recycled indefinitely.

While it is preferred by industries as it saves energy and reduces emissions, you’ll also find a lot of aluminium products around your home. However, don’t just throw them away. First, consider if you can reuse them. If not, then save them up because soon you’ll be able to make some money from recycling them.

Fifty five percent of aluminium cans in Australia are recycled however, from 2018; Queenslanders will get 10 cents back from recycling cans in the “cash for containers” scheme. While this may be a couple of years off now, think of how many cans you can collect in that time.

Before you recycle aluminium, make sure remove any foreign objects and then place them into recyclable bins.

4. Other metals

As with aluminium, all other metals can also be recycled. Recycling of metals makes both economic and environmental sense. I’m sure you’re aware that reusing and salvaging of metals has been around for ages now.

Don’t just throw away your electric cabling, copper, brass, steel or iron that you’ll find around your home. These metals can be reclaimed, recycled and put to good use.

To recycle metals, take them to your nearest scrap dealer, or contact a rubbish removal company to dispose of them correctly for you.

Just remember to remove any metals that may contain flammable material.

5. Paper

I’m sure you’re aware that paper is the most common item to be recycled. No doubt, you have a lot of paper around your home in newspapers, old notebooks and magazines. All paper items can be recycled and turned into new paper products, cardboards and insulation products.

Before you send paper for recycling, try and reuse envelopes and other unused paper. I also recommend you to use recycled paper for your needs as far as possible.


Of all the waste that you throw into the rubbish bin, many items can be recycled. Some of these include glass, plastics, aluminium and other metals and paper products. Become an environmentally conscious consumer and start recycling these materials today.

If you would like to hire a Rubbish Removal Company to properly dispose of your recyclable items then contact 4 Waste Removals in Brisbane today. Simply 07 3343 3030 or contact us via our contact form.

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