5 Surprising Items That ARE Recyclable

5 Surprising Items That ARE Recyclable

While Australia is known to be one of the biggest waste producers in the world, our statistics on recycling are pretty good. This is because most Aussies are aware of recyclable waste and they take measures to help to recycle. According to the EPA Household Waste and Recycling Research Report, 84% of residents agree that recycling makes a big difference to the environment, while 36% somewhat agree, 11% neither agree or disagree and 3% somewhat disagree.

As the owner of 4 Waste Removals, a company that specialises in the recyclable rubbish collection in Brisbane, today I will list some surprising items that are recyclable. Most people simply aren’t aware that these items are recyclable, so the next time you’re tossing out any of these items, throw them into recycling bins.

1. Carpet

Many people throw out their old carpet when they get a new one. However, did you know that carpet is recyclable? There are several carpet reclamation facilities located in and around Brisbane that recycle materials from carpet. Alternatively, some carpet manufacturers also offer recycling programs on their carpet. So, don’t just throw away your old carpet – it is a valuable recyclable material.

2. Wine Corks

Aussies drink a lot of wine, but only 5% of wine cork stoppers are recycled in Australia. Cork is made out of natural wood, and it can be recycled into many products including mats, flooring, coasters and cork boards. Alternatively, cork can also be shredded to create garden mulch or compost.

3. Milk and juice cartons

This may come as a surprise to you, but milk and juice cartons are made out of recyclable materials, including cardboard, recyclable plastic and aluminium. So, don’t just throw away your long-life soup, milk or juice cartons – they can be recycled at processing facilities.

4. Mattresses

At 4 Waste Removals, we’ve collected a large number of mattresses from Brisbane households in our skip bins. But, did you know that mattresses also constitute recyclable rubbish? Typical mattresses are manufactured using cotton, wood, polyurethane foam and steel. Instead of letting valuable materials go to waste in landfills, recycling companies can help reclaim these materials.

5. Makeup

Another recyclable item which many people don’t know about is expired makeup. Most people simply let they’re expired makeup bottles collect in their storage areas, while others toss them out. Instead of doing either of these, collect your old makeup bottles in a box and download a shipping label from TerraCycle and ship the box to them. Alongside makeup, TerraCycle can also help you recycle old toothbrushes, dental floss containers and toothpaste tubes.

To ensure that your recyclable waste doesn’t end up in landfills, you need the help of a company that offers recyclable rubbish collection in Brisbane. For this, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals. Simply hire one of our skip bins or make use of our hands-on waste removal service to make sure that your recyclable waste is treated properly. And, if you’re unsure of whether the waste you have is recyclable or not, give us a call. Our waste management experts will be more than happy to help you out.


There are many common household items which are recyclable, but most people simply aren’t aware of it. Some of these included carpets, wine corks, milk, and juice cartons, mattresses and expired makeup. Make sure that you don’t dispose of these items improperly.

And, for proper disposal of recyclable rubbish in Brisbane, count on our experts here at 4 Waste Removals.

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