FACT FILE: Paper And Cardboard Recycling & Recovery

FACT FILE: Paper And Cardboard Recycling & Recovery

While we are heavily reliant on electronic devices, paper remains one of the most consumed items worldwide. Paper and carboard products are used extensively in homes and workplaces every single day. Corrugated cardboard, office paper, newspapers and magazines, paperboards and cartons are only some examples of paper products that we use.

Whilst the number of applications that paper and cardboard can be used for insures their popularity, another reason for their increasing popularity is that most types of paper and cardboard products are recyclable. However, they must still be disposed of in the correct manner.

So, continue reading this post to find out everything you need to know about paper and carboard recycling and recovery. Hopefully, after you’re done reading, you’ll always consider disposing your waste in a proper manner to facilitate recycling.

Facts about paper and cardboard recycling in Australia

According to Suez Recycling & Recovery, Australia enjoys an 87% recycling rate for paper and cardboard – among the world’s highest. In terms of newsprint recycling and recovery, Australia is a global leader with a 78% recovery rate. This certainly is great news both for you and waste management professionals like myself.

However, we do consume over 230kg of paper (virgin) per person every single year. This still results in a massive increase in deforestation and in the emission of greenhouse gases. And, that’s not all – we send over 1.9 million tonnes of paper and cardboard waste to landfills every year. Furthermore, over 100 million trees are cut down every year to make junk mail products.

Now, for ever tonne of recycled paper that is used, 13 trees are saved from being cut down. Moreover, it also saves 4,100kWh of electricity, 2.5 barrels of oil, 31,780L of water and 4m³ of space. These resources would otherwise have been required in the production of one tonne of virgin paper.

How to dispose paper and cardboard waste properly

In addition to using recycled paper products as far as possible, you should also dispose your paper and cardboard waste properly. This is very important as this is what will lead to paper being recycled. And, to do this, you’ll need the services of a qualified Brisbane waste removal company such us as 4 Waste Removals.

We make paper and cardboard waste removal extremely simple for Brisbane residents, like you. Simply collect all your waste at your home or workplace and hire one of our junk skip bins. We’ll deliver the skip to your location on the same day, or on a date you request for. Once your skip arrives, you’ll have a week’s time to load it up with your waste. When you’re done, we’ll collect the skip and send your paper and cardboard waste for recycling.

We offer our services all across Brisbane Southside and our services are extremely affordable. Apart from junk skip bins, we also offer green skip bins and garden bags for disposing garden waste.


Most types of paper and cardboard are recyclable and this is one reason for their growing popularity. Here, in Australia, we enjoy the highest recycling rates of newsprint and other paper and cardboard products in the world. Despite this, we still consume a massive amount of virgin paper every year. Apart from deforestation and greenhouse emissions, the paper production process also consumes tremendous amounts of resources as well. As such, it is very important to use recycled paper and cardboard products as far as possible.

And, to dispose your paper and cardboard waste properly, consider us at 4 Waste Removals. We’ll make sure that your waste is sent for recycling and not dumped into landfills.

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