FACT FILE: Steel And Aluminium Recycling & Recovery

FACT FILE: Steel And Aluminium Recycling & Recovery

Steel and Aluminium

Aluminium and steel are two very practical resources that are commonly used in every day applications such as drinking cans, cars, airplanes and many others. And, because of the high usage of these materials, much of it ends up as waste.

Whist a necessity, unfortunately, producing new steel and aluminium products is not very environmentally friendly. Manufacturing new products drains our natural resources and also leads to an increased production of greenhouse gases.

As such, disposing steel and aluminium waste in the correct manner is very important. You may not be aware of it, but steel and aluminium products are 100% recyclable. Moreover, recycling this type of waste consumes less energy than manufacturing virgin products.

This is why, I always urge our Brisbane customers to take care when disposing steel or aluminium products. If you haven’t been disposing them properly, you should start doing so immediately.

To further prove the importance of recycling steel and aluminium, let’s take a look at some facts offered by Suez Recycling and Recovery. These stats will certainly make you think twice about recycling.

Aluminium and steel are infinitely recyclable

Australians use approximately 3 billion aluminium cans every year. This equates to more than 350,000 cans being produced every minute.

Now, you may not know this, but it is a fact that steel and aluminium are infinitely recyclable. And, that’s not all, recycling aluminium and steel is much more environmentally friendly than manufacturing new products.

To give you an example, if you recycle 6 aluminium cans, you’ll save enough energy to counterbalance a 10km car journey. Also, manufacturing a can from recycled aluminium needs only 5% of the total energy required to manufacture a new can.

By using recycled steel and aluminium, you’ll save 75% of energy and 40% of water needed to make new products. Also, air pollution is reduced by up to 90% by using recycled products.

Every ton of steel that is recycled saves a massive amount of natural resources. Almost 1,131kg of iron ore, almost 633kg of coal and almost 54kg of limestone is saved in recycling.

How to dispose aluminium and steel waste properly

Now that you know the importance of recycling aluminium and steel, you should always dispose this waste properly. Thankfully, this is a very easy process. All you have to do is to consider our Brisbane rubbish removal services here at 4 Waste Removals.

We’re a reliable and qualified waste removal company in Brisbane to have been in business since 1999. We have access to several recycling depots and waste recovery facilities in and around Brisbane Southside. When you choose us, you can ensure that your waste is disposed properly.

Whether you need to dispose waste from your home or workplace, you can count on us. Simply hire one of our junk skip bins and dump your waste into it. We’ll take care of disposing it for you.


We use steel and aluminium products every single day. Now, both aluminium and steel are infinitely recyclable. By recycling your aluminium and steel waste, you will help the environment dramatically. This is because production of new aluminium and steel products takes up a lot of energy. Moreover, the manufacturing process also leads to production of greenhouse gases.

To dispose of aluminium and steel waste in Brisbane, give us a call at 4 Waste Removals. Simply hire one of our junk skip bins and we’ll make sure to dispose your waste properly from as little as $275 for a 7 day hire.

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