How can people reduce waste?

How can people reduce waste?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ umpteen numbers of times. But it seems that this simple process still is not being utilised as we’re now producing more waste than ever.

In fact, according to the State of Waste 2016 Report, Australians now produce about 50 million tonnes of waste each year. This works out to be more than 2 tonnes per person. And, as our population grows, so does the rate of waste being produced.

Waste removal in Brisbane is simple and moreover, it is included in the Rates Notice of a dwelling. Yet, this doesn’t seem to help reduce the amount of waste we create. Perhaps the message isn’t getting across.

So what do you do? Today we will look at how you can reduce your waste with some easy tips that anyone can apply to their daily lives.

Reducing waste when shopping

One of the most common instances in waste creation starts at the grocery store or shopping centre. Almost everything that we buy comes with packaging materials and these materials eventually end up in our garbage bins.

But, it’s possible to reduce waste when you go shopping. Start by refusing plastic bags and carry your own shopping basket or a reusable shopping bag. Another way to reduce packaging waste is by buying loose fruits and vegetables, buying concentrated products and buying in bulk. You can also avoid pre-packaged foods and only buy things that you really need.

Reducing waste at work

We also tend to create a lot of waste in the workplace. Waste is created when we order supplies, use printed paper, throw away old equipment. Moreover, a lot of waste is also in cafeterias and lunchrooms.

To reduce waste in the workplace, consider ordering your supplies in bulk to minimise the packaging that is produced. You could also consider return damaged materials and reusing old supplies such as binders, files and folders, instead of just throwing them away.

Another suggestion is to recycle certain office equipment such as printer ribbons and cartridges to get more life out of them before they are discarded. Additionally, make sure that you use paper printouts only if absolutely necessary and always print on both sides to reduce paper waste.

And, when you head to your cafeteria or lunchroom, avoid using disposable products such as cups and plates. You can bring your own coffee mug to work and use permanent dishes and cutlery to reduce waste. Also, instead of using paper napkins, use a cloth towel.

Reducing waste at home

Not surprisingly, we create the most waste at home. Every day, we throw away leftovers, packaged products, junk items and other materials without giving a second thought to the amount of waste we are creating. But, there’s a lot you can do to reduce waste at home.

The easiest way to avoid unnecessary waste at home is to stop purchasing unnecessary products. Start by putting a stop to buying packaged beverages or food. These are processed and not good for you anyway. Also, start using a reusable bottle at home and a reusable coffee filter in your coffee machine. Buying products that come in reusable jars instead of disposable packaging is another good example of the ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ concept. And lastly, consider bring your own reusable containers whenever you get something takeaway.

As you can see, there are some simple and effective ways to reduce the amount of waste you create; these are just the tip of the iceberg.

However, if you find that even with all these waste reduction tips applied your life that you’re still creating more waste than you can manage – or more waste than what will fit into your garbage bin, then it’s time to contact a company that specialise in waste removal in Brisbane. For this, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals.


There are several ways to reduce the amount of waste we create. Waste is created when we go shopping, when we’re at work and at home. By refusing to use disposable products, limiting the amount of packaging and reusing old products, all of us can reduce the waste we create.

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