Must-See YouTube Videos To Help You Get Rid Of Your Junk

Must-See YouTube Videos To Help You Get Rid Of Your Junk

Are you sick and tired of hoarding on to your junk, but don’t have the motivation to start decluttering? Well, let me tell you that you’re not alone – I’ve helped many Brisbane residents overcome this problem.

Now, junk removal in Brisbane is my business. So nothing makes me happier than to collect unwanted junk from our client’s homes and leave them junk-free. If you’re ready to hoard no more, then I’d like to help motivate you by sharing some YouTube that I think will be useful. From tips on efficient junk removal to inspirational speeches on not being a hoarder, you’ll find a lot of useful advice from these videos to get you on your way.

1. Getting rid of 1000 things – TEDx

This inspirational video presented by TEDx showcases Liz Wright, who dedicated herself to leading a simpler life. Liz explains that when she realised how much time, money and resources people spend on buying and maintaining stuff, she decided to get rid of 1,000 items. She explains how this simple challenge left a huge impact on her, and this video will make an impact on you too.

2. How to get rid of clutter

This video uploaded on Lia’s Loft channel offers some simple, yet effective tips on decluttering. From basic tips on gathering household junk to getting rid of stuff that isn’t useful anymore, this video offers some useful advice. You’re sure to find some motivation for decluttering after watching this video.

3. How to fit two years of trash in a mason jar

In this interesting video, MSNBC shares some insight on how Lauren Singer managed to keep two years’ worth of trash in a single mason jar (believe it or not!). The video showcases how Lauren is dedicated to leading a zero-wastage life, and her story is truly inspiring. While you need not to go to the lengths that Lauren has, you can certainly reduce a lot of your waste by taking a page out of her book.

4. 35 things to declutter in 51 seconds

This BuzzFeed video lists some common household items that can be decluttered. From old tech accessories to books, notes and concert ticket stubs, condiment packets and more, this video lists some common items that are probably lying around your house too. Take a look at this video and see if you have any junk that can be decluttered.

5. Six decluttering secrets

Clean My Space has uploaded this wonderful video to their channel which offers some useful tips on decluttering. While these decluttering tips are more focused on leading a minimalist lifestyle, they will work well for anyone. Give them a try and you’ll rid yourself of a lot of junk.

Hopefully, these videos will motivate you to declutter and get rid of your junk. However, if you think that there is too much clutter in your home and you don’t want to undertake the job yourself, consider hiring junk removal experts such as 4 Waste Removals. We offer hands-on waste removal in Brisbane where our professionals will collect and dispose of all your junk for you.


If you are looking for some motivation on decluttering and getting rid of your junk, you should take a look at the YouTube videos I have shared in today’s article. While these videos offer useful tips on decluttering, they also offer advice on why junk removal is important.

And, for all your junk removal needs in Brisbane, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals. Whether you’re looking for junk skip bins on hire a hands-on waste removal service, we offer it all! Contact us to learn more about our Brisbane junk removal services.

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