The Proposed Future Of Waste In Brisbane

The Proposed Future Of Waste In Brisbane

Here in Australia, waste management is taken seriously. The government has several waste management initiatives in place and because of this, we enjoy one of the highest recycling and recovery rates in the world.

In terms of waste management in Brisbane, the current state is quite good. In fact, Brisbane is preparing for a major revolution in waste management: a sophisticated underground waste collection system to replace traditional waste collection methods.  How good is that!

So, continue reading this post to discover what the proposed future of waste in Brisbane holds in store for you.

Underground pipes to replace wheelie bins

Old-fashioned waste collection using wheelie bins is soon going to be a thing of the past in one particular area of Brisbane. It has been proposed that underground pipes be used to suck rubbish away to management plants instead of using wheelie bins.

However, for this to be achieved, certain areas around the South Brisbane Peninsula and George Street will need to be demolished. The other downside is that Envac – a Swedish company, has been contracted to build an underground automatic recycling system for this project rather than an Australian company.

The Brisbane City Council has stated that this project will span 52 hectares across Queen’s Wharf and South Bank Peninsula. This project will provide waste collection services to several regional residential and commercial properties.

Currently, the waste collection systems in Australia are far less sophisticated than those in Europe and Asia. If this project succeeds, it will place Australia on par with other advanced waste collection systems worldwide.

Is this the future of waste collection?

Before you get all excited about the proposed future of waste collection in Brisbane, let me point out some things. First of all, this project has been proposed only for Brisbane’s Queens Wharf region at this stage. There is no news of any plans for expanding this project to other regions.

Also, while this new system of waste collection is very sophisticated, it can be used only for smaller rubbish items. So, even when this project comes to fruition, there’ll still be a need for waste collection services for bulky rubbish. As such, hiring a skip bin still remains the best option for disposing of bulky rubbish items. Despite the proposed future of waste collection in Brisbane, it seems that skip bins will be around for some time.

If you’re looking for ways to make your waste management more efficient, then there are other options than wheelie bins. You can always use 4 Waste Removals’ junk skip bins and garden skip bins to dispose of waste. And, if you have small amounts of green waste to dispose of periodically, you can hire our garden bags. We also offer a hands-on waste removal service where we’ll collect and dispose of the waste for you.

We’re a reliable, licensed and reputed waste removal company in Brisbane. When you hire us, you can ensure that your waste is dealt with properly, and environmentally friendly.


Brisbane is set to witness a major revolution in waste collection. A proposed underground waste collection system spanning 52 hectares will be used for such rubbish from certain regions in Brisbane.

While this new waste collection system certainly promises a lot, it will only work well for small rubbish items. To dispose of larger items, you’ll still need to hire a skip bin or choose a hands-on rubbish removal service. For this, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals.

Call us on 07 3343 3030 to find out how we can help you with your waste disposal needs today!

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