Tips on Sorting Waste for Rubbish Collection

Tips on Sorting Waste for Rubbish Collection

To ensure that your waste is disposed of in a proper and environmentally-friendly manner, it must be sorted correctly for your rubbish collection. If you don’t do this, then most rubbish collection services will simply send your waste to a landfill. This is certainly not the proper thing to do.

Whether you use council bins or you hire skip bins for rubbish collection in Brisbane, sorting your waste before disposing of it is a must.

Today I’ll offer you some helpful tips on sorting waste for rubbish collection in Brisbane. Continue reading this post to discover my top tips and make sure to follow these tips for your next rubbish collection!

Sorting waste for green bins

Brisbane’s Green bins are for disposing of 100% biodegradable organic waste. This includes both food waste as well as garden waste. You can dump both food and garden waste into council green bins. Make sure to separate food scraps by wrapping them in a newspaper to separate food from other waste. Also, place a newspaper at the bottom of the bin to absorb any liquids.

If you use a garden skip bin, you won’t be able to dispose of both food waste and garden waste into the same bin. You can use a garden skip bin only to dispose of 100% garden waste. For your food waste and other types of organic waste, you’ll need to use a junk skip bin.

Sorting waste for red bins

Brisbane’s Red bins are for disposing of non-recyclable domestic and commercial waste. This type of waste cannot be disposed into green or yellow bins. Make sure to sort your non-recyclable garbage from all other types of waste. Wrap your non-recyclable waste tightly using plastic bags and drop it off in a council red bin.

Alternatively, you can also use a junk skip bin to dispose of your non-recyclable waste. In fact, you can even use a junk skip bin to dispose of a mix of food waste and non-recyclable waste.

Sorting waste for yellow bins

Brisbane’s Yellow bins are for disposing of recyclable materials which are not 100% biodegradable. This includes food containers, recyclable plastics, glass, cloth bags, metals and travel mugs. When you’re sorting your waste, make sure to separate your recyclables from your biodegradable waste. While both types of waste can be recycled, biodegradable waste goes through a different recycling process.

As with non-recyclable waste, you can also use a junk skip bin to dispose of your non-biodegradable but recyclable waste.

Hire a skip to dispose of large amounts of waste

Now that you know how to sort waste for council bin,s make sure to do it before your next rubbish collection. And, if you have too much waste to fit into council bins, you can always hire a skip bin from us at 4 Waste Removals.

We offer junk skip bins and garden skip bins in Brisbane to meet all your rubbish removal needs. Simply make sure that you’re using our garden skips to dispose only of 100% garden waste and our junk skip bins to dispose of mixed waste. We don’t accept construction waste, chemical waste or hazardous waste in either skip bin type, so make sure not to dispose of such waste.


To ensure proper rubbish collection in Brisbane, you need to sort your waste before disposing of it. Sort your waste into three types – 100% biodegradable waste, non-recyclable waste and other recyclable waste. If you use council bins for waste disposal, then dump your biodegradable waste into green bins. You should also dump non-recyclables into red bins and your recyclables into yellow bins.

And, if you have too much waste on hand, you can always hire a garden skip or junk skip bin from us at 4 Waste Removals to dispose of your waste. To find out more about our rubbish collection in Brisbane, get in touch with us today!


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