The Current Status Of Waste Treatment And Disposal Services In Australia

The Current Status Of Waste Treatment And Disposal Services In Australia

Today, recycling in Australia is at a peak. However, regardless of this, the past few years have still seen rubbish removal and waste treatment on the rise.

While this is good news for rubbish removal professionals like myself, it also shows that we are generating more waste than ever. In particular, commercial waste, construction waste, and household waste have steadily increased over a few years now. Moreover, with increasing landfill levies and reduced demand for municipal recycling collection, more waste needs to be treated.

So, how exactly is the waste treatment and disposal services industry currently shaping up? Today we’ll look at just this. Continue reading as I share some useful information on the current state of the rubbish removal industry. Hopefully, after reading through, you’ll realise how big a problem waste disposal is, and you’ll start taking proper disposal measures.

The Waste Treatment and Disposal Services Industry

Australia’s waste treatment and disposal services are a fairly large industry. It is responsible for the disposal and treatment of solid, liquid, hazardous and organic waste generated by governments, households and businesses.

Most businesses operating in this industry have access to special waste treatment plants, recycling plants and landfills. Most of the waste you dispose of is sent to plants for recycling or treatment. And only the waste which cannot be recovered or reused is sent to landfills.

Industry Statistics

According to IBISWorld, the waste treatment and disposal services industry has grown over 2.2% annually from 2012 through 2017. The industry revenue for 2017 is well over $2 billion.

The industry employs approximately 7,632 waste removal experts, and there are around 749 businesses in this industry.

While the demand for rubbish removal services is rising, establishing new facilities is quite difficult. As such, there are very few large disposal and treatment facilities in a localised region.

Industry Trends

As per these statistics, you can easily see that there is an increased demand for rubbish removal services in Australia. This is largely due to increased waste generation in households, construction sites and commercial sites.

While there has definitely been a rise in recyclable and recoverable waste, industry revenue has still grown over the years. Even though government regulations and landfill levies encourage recycling, the industry is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Australia’s waste treatment and disposal services industry is certainly doing well. The industry achieved a revenue of $2 billion in 2017, and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. This shows that we have increased waste generation, despite an increase in recycling and recovering waste.

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