Skip Bins Slacks Creek

Your search for cheap Skip Bins Slacks Creek ends here! At 4 Waste Removals, we specialise in skip bins and deliver our cheap skip bins to Slacks Creek. We’re the leading rubbish removal company in Brisbane Southside and welcome you to experience the difference between hiring our unique junk skip bins for your junk and garden skip bins for your green waste removal needs.

Don’t put up with having unwanted rubbish piling up around your home or garden. From as little as $250 per hire, we can deliver one of our great skip bins to your Logan property for easy, effortless junk removal.

Skip Bins Slacks Creek

Whether you live in Slacks Creek, or the surrounding suburbs of Logan City, Daisy Hill, Kingston, Logan Central, Meadowbrook, Springwood, Tanah Merah, Underwood, or Woodridge, we can service you. We offer same-day or next-day delivery on our cheap skip bins.

Experience the 4 Waste Removals difference today. For cheap Skip Bins in Logan, turn to no one else but 4 Waste Removals.

Why Choose 4 Waste Removals’ Skip Bins?

There are many reasons to choose 4 Waste Removals’ skip bins over other skip bins in Slacks Creek, but the top benefits lie in the design and the pricing structure of our skips.

User-friendly skip bin design

Slacks Creek Skip Bins

If you have ever hired skip bins in Slacks Creek before, you will know that they are not the easiest things to load. Standard skip bins are not user-friendly in design; they feature four fixed walls and offer access only via the slightly lowered and angled rear wall. Thus, bulky and large objects must be lifted over the wall of the skip, tossed in. You then have to jump into the skip yourself to arrange the waste for maximum space-saving. Sounds like an existing process, right? That’s because it is.

We recognised the major design pitfall of skip bins, which is why ours are entirely unique in design to provide easy access and loading. Unlike standard skip bins, our skips feature three fixed walls and one hinged door to allow walk-in access. There is no lip or hob; therefore, you can even use a trolley or wheelbarrow to cart your rubbish into the skip, effortlessly.

Flexible pricing structure

The other major benefit of our skip bins lies in how we price them. While you can hire a 2 – 20 cubic metre skip, we only deliver one of two sizes; a 6 or 8 cubic metre skip. Each skip has levels marked at each cubic metre so you can track how much waste you place into the skip. If you order a 4 cubic metre skip but realise you should have hired a 6 cubic metre skip, you can simply keep on filling till you have disposed of all your waste. We only charge you the difference. Other Logan skip bin companies would have you hire a second skip, costing you much more money, and a lot of wasted time.

How to hire Skip Bins in Slacks Creek

We make it so easy to hire skip bins in Logan, that it can be done in 30 seconds! The process is simple, and we offer various methods. If you prefer to get on the phone and talk to a real person, then you can hire skip bins in Slacks Creek by phoning 07 3443 3030.

Alternatively, you can use our secure booking form, located at the bottom of this page. Simply select the type of skip bin you would like; junk skip bin or garden skip bin (100% green waste only), choose a size, enter your delivery details, followed by your contact details, and payment details. You can pay via Direct Deposit, Credit Card, or Paypal.

We have also recently launched our Skip Bin app for Apple and Mobile devices which lets you View Current Jobs, Change Current Jobs, Add New Jobs,  Pay Account via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal, and Communicate with Support.

Stop searching for skip bins Slacks Creek, Logan and order yours today. We look forward to servicing you with your rubbish removal needs.

Our Skip Bin Pricing Chart

Size Max. Weight Equivalent to: Price (7-Day Hire)
2m3 300 kg 2 trailers or 8 wheelie bins $250.00 Order
3m3 450 kg 3 trailers or 12 wheelie bins $275.00 Order
4m3 600 kg 4 trailers or 16 wheelie bins $299.00 Order
5m3 750 kg 5 trailers or 20 wheelie bins $350.00 Order
6m3 900 kg 6 trailers or 24 wheelie bins $375.00 Order
7m3 1125 kg 7 trailers or 28 wheelie bins $480.00 Order
8m3 1200 kg 8 trailers or 32 wheelie bins $550.00 Order
9m3 1350 kg 9 trailers or 36 wheelie bins $660.00 Order
10m3 1450 kg 10 trailers or 40 wheelie bins $770.00 Order
11m3 1650 kg 11 trailers or 44 wheelie bins $880.00 Order
12m3 1700 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $1,100.00 Order
15m3 2250 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $1,330.00 Order
16m3 2495 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $1,555.00 Order
17m3 2740 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $1,888.00 Order
18m3 2985 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $2,220.00 Order
19m3 2995 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $1,888.00 Order
20m3 3240 kg 12 trailers or 48 wheelie bins $2,220.00 Order


For a reliable waste removal service in Brisbane, contact 4 Waste Removals.

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