4 Undeniable Reasons To Love Mini Skips

4 Undeniable Reasons To Love Mini Skips

Mini skips are a godsend when it comes to household junk removal. As opposed to large sized (standard ) skip bins, mini skips are much smaller in size. And because to this, they offer several advantages over standard skip bins.

As the owner of 4 Waste Removals, a company that offers mini skips on hire in Brisbane, today I will list 4 undeniable reasons to love mini skips. Hopefully, this article will convince you that mini skips are an excellent solution for household junk removal needs.

1. They are delivered right to your doorstep

With standard skip bins, when it comes to skip placement, you may find that it won’t fit or cannot be positioned where you would like. I’ve seen homeowners who have had to have them placed outside their premises due to poor access or not enough space. This can make waste removal more troublesome.

However, with a mini skip bin, you won’t face this problem at all. Mini skips, like ours at 4 Waste Removals, are compact and can be delivered using small-sized trucks. This means, our mini skips can be delivered right to your doorstep and safely positioned on your premises, and close to your home.

2. They are perfect for general household junk removal

Unless it is a renovation job or you’re moving houses, you probably don’t have too much household junk to remove. In such cases, hiring a standard sip bin does not make much sense. Mini skips are the ideal solution to dispose of small amounts of household junk.

household junk
Remove your household junk with ease!

At 4 Waste Removals, we accept all types of general household junk and mixed waste in our mini skip bins. With us around, household junk removal will never be a problem for you!

3. They ensure proper waste disposal

Improper household waste removal can lead to many health and safety issues. While household junk can cause accidents, improperly disposing of waste is also very harmful to the environment.

By hiring a mini skip from a professional rubbish remover like 4 Waste Removals, you can be assured that your waste will be dispose of properly. We utilise recycling and recovery facilities in Brisbane and we always make sure that as little of your household waste reaches landfills as possible.

4. They are efficient and cost-effective

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to love mini skips is because they are an efficient and cost-effective solution to household waste removal. All you need to do is to hire a mini skip, dump your waste into it and leave everything else to the professionals.

At 4 Waste Removals, we offer mini skip bins in Brisbane from as little as $275 for 7-days. With prices as low as this, you don’t need to think twice – hire a mini skip from us and get rid of your household waste and mixed waste easily and affordably!


There are many reasons why people love mini skip bins, and you should love them too. Unlike full-sized skip bins, mini skips can be delivered right to your doorstep. Mini skips are perfect for removing small amounts of household waste. By using a mini skip, you can ensure that your waste is disposed of in a proper and environmentally-friendly manner. Finally, mini skips offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to household waste removal.

To hire affordable mini skips in Brisbane Southside, look no further than us at 4 Waste Removals. Hire our mini skip bins to get rid of our household waste easily and efficiently!

Call us on 07 3343 3030 to hire one of our mini skip bins today!

*Please Note: Prices mentioned in this article may not be accurite at the time of publishing or viewing and will not be honoured. For current pricing, always refer to the prices quoted when ordering.

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Green Waste Rules: No logs, stumps, palm Logs, whole trees, mulched trees, golden cane trunks, soil, or turf. Branches must be under 13cm diameter. All green waste must stay under the top rail of the Skip Bin, with nothing poking up.

General Waste Rules: No rocks, bricks, tiles, concrete, pavers, hard wood, paint, chemicals, tyres, carpet,mattress, soil, dirt, sand or hard fill. All general waste must stay under the top rail of the skip bin, with nothing poking up.