Skip Bins For Deceased Estates

Skip Bins For Deceased Estates

Deceased estates are the homes of people who have passed away. Dealing with these properties can be an overwhelming task for loved ones, especially if they are unprepared for this event. If you find yourself in this situation, skip bins might just offer a solution to your problem.

Skip bins are large containers that allow you to dispose of rubbish without having it take up space at your home or business. They are available on short notice and provide clear instructions about what is accepted into them, so there’s no need to worry about getting rid of certain items. Furthermore, skip bins come in various sizes, so choose one that best suits your needs, whether it’s for a small bedroom or an entire house!

If you live in Brisbane Southside, Redlands/Bayside, or Logan, and have a deceased estate to clear, turn to 4 Waste Removals. As one of the leading rubbish removal companies in these regions, we offer an efficient and affordable skip bin service, perfect for such an overwhelming task.

Today, we will look at why skip bins are ideal for removing rubbish and unwanted property from deceased estates. We’ll explain the benefits they offer, including the type of rubbish you can place into them and answer any FAQs about skip bin hire.

Why skip bins are ideal for deceased estates

4 Waste Removals' skip bins

Our skip bins have a rear swing door for easy, efficient access.

When someone passes away, it can be difficult for the family and friends left behind. So, dealing with their belongings and what to do with them can become quite an issue. This is where skip bins come in very handy.

Skip bins are ideal for removing rubbish and unwanted property from deceased estates because they allow you to get through this overwhelming task quickly and efficiently without any fuss.

Quick and Easy

When someone dies, their family are often left with the daunting task of clearing out their belongings. This can be an overwhelming process, especially if there is a lot of rubbish to deal with. Skip bins provide an easy and efficient way to clear out deceased estates, as they can take away all the rubbish in one go. This means that you don’t have to worry about hiring a skip or transporting the rubbish yourself – the skip bin company will do all of this for you.


Another advantage of using skip bins for deceased estates is that they offer a cost-effective solution. The alternative, hiring a truck, can be expensive. For example, when you hire a truck, you have to pay on a per hour basis, so you could end up paying more than necessary if there is a lot of surplus rubbish.

On the other hand, hiring a skip bin is often much cheaper because you only pay for the amount of rubbish you put into the skip bin.

So, if you want to make the process of removing rubbish and unwanted property from an estate as easy as possible, skip bins are the perfect solution. They allow you to quickly clear out your deceased loved one’s home without any fuss or hassle.

What items can you place in a skip bin?

When it comes to what you can and cannot place into a skip bin, it will depend on the company you go with. However, here at 4 Waste Removals, we accept all general household waste, which is why our skip bins are ideal for deceased estates.

Our skip bins may be used to dispose of a variety of typical household objects, such as:

  • Electronically-based home appliances and gadgets such as television sets and video recorders to stereo systems and DVD players to laptop computers and hard drives to monitor screens to dishwashing machines and washer-dryers to coffee makers and the like
  • All household furniture such as coffee tables, sofas, dressers, dining tables and chairs, buffets, tallboys, and mattresses, among others,
  • Toys such as dollhouses, mobility toys and cubby houses.
  • Gym equipment, such as weightlifting platforms and weights, as well as other forms of outdoor play equipment such as swings and trampolines.
  • Garden waste, such as twigs, palm fronds, tree limbs, and grass clippings, are also all acceptable.

If you want to learn more about what types of rubbish we accept in our skip bins, I recommend checking out our blog post: “What Can I Put In A 4 Waste Skip Bin?

FAQs about Skip Bin Hire

When it comes to skip bin hire, there are still some unanswered questions that many people have. So, I’ve also answered a few of the most frequently asked questions about skip bins below.

How much does it cost to hire skip bin?

The price you pay for your skip bin will depend on several factors, including the size of the skip bin you hire, the length of time you keep it on your property, and the final weight of the skip bin.

Our skip bin hire cost starts at $275. All prices are based on a 7-day hire period. Addition costs apply for longer hire durations, and if the weight goes over our weight allows. You can view weight allowances per skip bin size here.

How do I pay for skip bin hire?

Once again, the payment process will depend on several factors, including what type of skip bin service you choose to go with. For example, some companies may allow you to pay with cash, whereas others may require EFT or credit card.

4 Waste Removals may it easy to hire a skip bin online or via phone. Simply complete our secure online booking form (below) or call our office on 07 3343 3030.

Where will my skip bin be placed on my property?

When you hire a skip bin from 4 Waste Removals, we place it as discreetly as possible on your property. In most cases, it will be placed on the boundary of your property or in a corner that is not visible from the street. However, this means that someone could add their rubbish into your skip bin. To prevent this from happening, I recommend placing your skip bin within your fenced area or at least trying hiding it behind foliage, so it isn’t visible from the road.

Is there a weight limit to the rubbish I can put into my skip bin?

No! That’s the beauty of choosing 4 Waste Removals’ skip bins. If you have more rubbish than you estimated, you don’t have to hire a second skip bin. Just keep filling the skip till you have loaded all the rubbish, and you will only be charged the difference between the skip bin size you initially ordered and how much waste you ended up placing into the skip bin.

If you fill the skip bin and still have rubbish to remove, simply let us know, and we’ll deliver another skip bin. The billing will continue, but we won’t charge an additional skip bin at full price.


Deceased estates can be a difficult situation to deal with. Dealing with all the deceased estate’s belongings, such as electronics and furniture, is even more challenging because it usually takes time and money to discard.

Skip bins are an ideal solution for this type of problem because they’re cost-effective and efficient in removing large amounts of rubbish from your property without having to go through the hassle of disposing of it yourself or hiring someone else to do so.

The skip bin hire process starts by completing our online booking form or calling 07 3343 3030. We hope to make this difficult time a little easier for you with our affordable skip bin hire service.

*Please Note: Prices mentioned in this article may not be accurite at the time of publishing or viewing and will not be honoured. For current pricing, always refer to the prices quoted when ordering.

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Green Waste Rules: No logs, stumps, palm Logs, whole trees, mulched trees, golden cane trunks, soil, or turf. Branches must be under 13cm diameter. All green waste must stay under the top rail of the Skip Bin, with nothing poking up.

General Waste Rules: No rocks, bricks, tiles, concrete, pavers, hard wood, paint, chemicals, tyres, carpet,mattress, soil, dirt, sand or hard fill. All general waste must stay under the top rail of the skip bin, with nothing poking up.