What NOT to Do with 4 Waste Skips

What NOT to Do with 4 Waste Skips

Look how easy it is to fill a 4 Waste skip bin!!

If you’ve come across this page while searching Google for a company that offers Brisbane Southside skips, then you’re half way there towards eradicating your waste problems. With the help of a skip, you will get rid of all your rubbish easily and affordably.

While our Brisbane Southside skips remove all your garden waste, household waste or commercial waste, there are certain things that you must not do with our skips. So before your skip arrives, let’s take a look at what you should avoid to ensure you have a hassle free skip hire.

1. Overfill the skip

One of the most common mistakes people make when they hire a Brisbane Southside skip is overfilling the skip. Understand that transporting an overfilled skip is dangerous and difficult as well. Moreover, certain rules and regulations prohibit skip bin companies from transporting overfilled skips.

If you end up overfilling a skip bin, your waste will not be collected. Certain skip companies (including us) will simply leave your waste behind while others will charge you extra for getting rid of excess waste. Don’t overfill your skip and you won’t face these problems.

2. Fill prohibited waste

Another common mistake that people make is filling skips with prohibited waste. Keep in mind that there are certain waste types that can and cannot be loaded into our skips. For instance, if you hire a garden skip, you can only fill 100% garden waste into it. Alternatively, if you hire a junk skip, you can fill mixed waste or general waste into it.

You cannot fill hazardous waste, chemical waste, construction waste, and heavy waste materials in our Brisbane Southside skips. If you’re looking to remove such waste materials, you’ll need to find a different method for disposal.

3. Incorrectly load the skip

When you fill a skip, you must make sure to load waste properly. If you fail to do so, you will end up with lots of air pockets which could have otherwise been filled with waste. Plus, you can also injure yourself if you fail to load a skip in the proper manner.

To properly load a skip, organise your rubbish by size and start loading large and bulky items first. Fill air pockets and gaps with smaller items and try to pack waste as tightly and efficiently as possible. This will also reduce skip hire costs as we charge you for the amount you fill.

4. Fail to fill the skip within the hire period

Another common problem that we face is customers failing to fill the skip within the hire period. We make our money from the hiring of our skip bins, so each extra day it remains at a property is business we are losing. Therefore, we charge a $50 penalty rate for each extra day. You will find a similar penalty rate with most Brisbane Southside skip companies.

Make sure to avoid this by planning and start organising your rubbish before the skip arrives. This will give you enough time to fill waste within the hire period.


When you hire Brisbane Southside skips, there are certain things that you must not do. Make sure never to overfill a skip and never fill prohibited waste into a skip. Do not load a skip incorrectly and do not fail to fill the skip within the hire period.

Now that you know what to avoid, you can go ahead and hire Brisbane Southside skips from the waste removal experts at 4 Waste Removals!

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