Skip Bin Policies

4 Waste Removals PTY LTD will provide a full refund of fees paid in respect of:

  • Any ordered services not provided through the fault of 4 Waste removals.
  • Any service provided not being substantially the same as the service ordered in the purchase order, provided you notify 4 Waste Removals of the refund request within 3 working days of completion of the job. Subject to full enquiry of circumstances by 4 Waste Removals.
  • A change of mind by the person or persons who ordered the service if a refund is requested at least 48 hours prior to delivery. Costs of the refunds incurred by 4 Waste Removals will be deducted from total refund.
  • The event an order is cancelled by 4 Waste Removals for any reason.

Privacy Policy

At 4 Waste Removals, we are committed to your privacy and keeping your trust.
4 Waste Removals will not use your private information for commercial gain. We do not knowingly provide any information to third parties unless advised by you to do so. We may share your information within our group of companies to provide you with better solutions that will be to your benefit.
The information you provide 4 Waste Removals is used primarily for our records and accounts keeping.

We may ask for other impersonal information such as (a) how did you hear about us? (b) would you like to be advised of special offers? (c) have you used us or any other waste company prior? This information is solely for the purpose of analysis and statistics.
In order to reflect that our business is constantly growing, we reserve the right to change or amend this policy at any time.

Delivery Policy

4 Waste Removals will endeavour to deliver the selected product on the agreed delivery date. We will, whenever possible, contact you if your service will be delayed for any reason.
Delivery and collection times may vary from 6 am to 6 pm. To obtain delivery and collection times please contact the office on the morning of your expected service. Late delivery or collection does not entitle you to cancel any order or part order.
If a bin/bag is to be placed on a premise we will take all due care on delivery and collection but take no responsibility for any damage that may incur.

Please Note: 7 day hire of the skip bin entitles the customer to have the bin for 4 FULL DAYS. The bin will be collected on the 5th day. If a bin is delivered late in the afternoon, collection then may occur early on the 5th day. For example, if a bin is delivered at 2:30PM Monday, then collected at 7:00AM the following Monday, this is still considered a 7 day hire.


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