These household rubbish removal stats will surprise you!

These household rubbish removal stats will surprise you!

Rubbish removal in Brisbane is a problem that every household needs to deal with. Yet, it never seems to get easier, nor does the amount of waste we generate get any smaller. According to an ABS report, Australian homes generated about 43.7 million tonnes of waste between 2006-2007. Of this waste, about 22.7 million tonnes were recycled, while the remaining 21 million tonnes of waste were disposed of.

While most homeowners depend on the council’s weekly curbside collection for their waste, you’ll probably be surprised to know that ‘weekly’ is not Australia’s most common collection frequency.

As the owner of 4 Waste Removals, I’ll take this opportunity to highlight some statistics on the frequency of collection/drop-off of household waste in Australia. They must just surprise you. I’ll also share some alternative rubbish removal solutions should you seek something more flexible.

Statistics regarding frequency of kerbside collection in Australia

As per the ABS, Australia has witnessed a steady change in the frequency of collection/drop-off of household waste since 2006. The frequency for weekly collection/drop-off, 25% in 2006, dropped to 20% in 2009. However, the frequency of fortnightly collection/drop-off increased from 75% in 2006 to 82% in 2009.

Another change that the ABS noticed was the number of Australian households recycling waste on an “as-required” basis. This number, 67% of all households in 2006, dropped dramatically to just 16% in 2009.

I’m sure that you find these statistics to be somewhat surprising. It seems that more Australian residents depend on fortnightly collection for their rubbish removal; moreover, they do not recycle waste whenever required.

Other flexible options for collection/drop-off of household waste

If you generate a lot of household waste, you’ve probably realised that the fortnightly – or possibly even the weekly – collection/drop-off services do not meet your requirements. But you needn’t worry as there are better rubbish removal solutions to take avail of.

At 4 Waste Removals, we specialise in rubbish removal and offering flexible solutions is something we excel in. Whether you require a garden bag or skip bin you’re sure to find a collection frequency to suit your needs.

When you hire a garden bag for your rubbish removal, you can choose between a weekly collection or one collection every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. Moreover, you can also change the collection frequency depending on the season or with changing requirements.

Our skip bins offer just as flexible rubbish removal service. You can avail of same-day delivery or delivery on the date you request. Our skips are available on a standard 7-day hire basis and we impose a surcharge of $40 for every additional day of hire.

With our rubbish removal services, you can choose a collection/drop-off frequency you’re comfortable with. Don’t wait for a weekly or fortnightly collection to dispose of your household waste. Choose to dispose of your waste on an “as-required” basis by investing in one of 4 Waste Removals rubbish removal solutions.


Local councils in Australia offer curbside collection/drop-off services for household waste disposal. However, the frequency of this service is weekly (or fortnightly), and you cannot dispose of waste on an “as-required” basis. However, at 4 Waste Removals, we’re extremely flexible with our collection/drop-off services. You can choose a frequency you’re comfortable with and even have the flexibility to dispose of waste whenever required.

Look no further than 4 Waste Removals for easy collection and disposal of household waste. Get in touch with us to hire our garden bags or skip bins today!

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